It seems that Yuji Naka, father of franchises like SonicNights into Dreams and Balan wonderworld, has vacated his post at Square Enix, close to commercial flop of his latest creation.

Balan Wonderworld Yuji Naka Square EnixThe news comes from his official social profiles, both on Facebook that of LinkedIn, where the author would have changed his position at Square, setting it as ended the April 30 2021.

Balan Wonderworld Yuji Naka Square Enix

The judgment of Balan Wonderworld by the public and critics has proved rather disappointing, with a vote on Metacritic hovering between 51/100 (PS5) and the 36/100 (Nintendo Switch), failing even to get there between the top 40 best-selling titles during its early days. Furthermore, it appears that the stock has sold in Japan about 2,100 copy across all platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PS5).

A real shame for a creative who, according to an interview with him IGN last September 2020, he was looking for one last chance to create a new platformer.