Valve Steam Microsoft XboxIt is now official Valve's return to E3 during the PC Gaming Show and the game of predictions has inevitably been triggered among users on what "important announcement" that the software house will make during the conference.

The most quoted items concern the presentation of SteamPal, the alleged portable console that, according to rumors, would be ready to be launched on the market. Another, that is catching on in the last few hours thanks to the insider Tyler McVicker, it concerns a hypothetical agreement between Microsoft and Valve to finally bring the Game Pass to Steam.

According to McVicker, historically very informed on issues concerning the Bellevue company in recent times Gabe Newell and Phil Spencer would have had intense talks about it and stated that "The only way Steam can get Game Pass is if Steam can get to Xbox."

It is not the first time that there is talk of a possible collaboration between Xbox and Steam, a marriage desired by many and about which so much has been rumored, but which never materialized in the proceedings. Never as this time, however, the hypotheses on the much sought-after agreement are based on solid foundations, especially in light of Valve's unusual return to E3, an event that does not fall from the time of the presentation of Portal 2 on Playstation 3 when Newell appeared on the Sony stage.

In a recent Q&A in New Zealand, the Valve boss had talked about news regarding Steam and the console world coming "by the end of the year" therefore the announcement of its own portable console or an agreement with the Xbox platform seems to be more than mere hypotheses.