In the last few years Microsoft products has begun a long transition process regarding its division Xbox, aimed at enhancing its services around gaming as demonstrated by the offer proposed by Game Pass and xCloud. That said, the Vice President of the division dedicated to Gaming Experiences & Platforms Liz Hamren said the Redmond company is already working on the successor to the Xbox Series X / S.

“The Cloud is the key between our hardware and Game Pass roadmap, but in no way will it slow down the design of our consoles. In fact, we are accelerating it. "

At the moment, however, we are talking about a console in the design phase, with hardware "Which we will not see on the market for quite some time". Nonetheless, Hamren remained confident about a big future:

“But even as we prepare for our future, today we are focused on extending the Xbox experience to as many devices as possible. As we continue to expand the PC and mobile offering, consoles remain our flagship experience. We want to provide everyone with the most capable and powerful console possible, devices that will allow our players to enjoy incredible games for the next few years, including experiences that we cannot yet imagine at the moment. "