Who knows me knows, i am a person who loves video games. There is no day when I don't spend a few hours in front of the screen, getting captured by the characters, stories and design lessons that populate the medium, to the point of turning my studies towards this world. At the same time, I like to find out about the industry, understand how it works and discuss it with people. Unfortunately, however, there are times when my enthusiasm fails, replacing amazement and curiosity with opposite feelings such as disgust and anger. And this happens when I come in contact with silence, non-discussion, total condescension towards a given topic. And lately, there is no other company that embodies these three misfortunes better than Sony Interactive Entertainment and therefore consequently also the entire brand PlayStation.

Because I don't know if you've noticed, but in recent months Sony has begun to show a side of itself that is anything but for the players, but nobody cares. No one talks about it, on the contrary. They are all busy making fun of the competition or maybe even other companies that, for better or worse, behave exactly like the Japanese-Californian giant. If you don't believe it, give me at least ten minutes and only then consider whether to consider what will follow or if I deserve the pillory in the public square, complete with a blue-hooded executioner. I more than give you sources and my opinion I can not help.

"We believe in backwards compatibility ... But only when it suits us"

As you all know, a few months ago Sony announced the closure of the PlayStation Store service on PS3, PSP and the ill-fated PS Vita. A news that was met with a resounding refusal by some players rightly concerned about the impossibility of preserving (or even updating) their purchases on older generation consoles and that led Jim Ryan to a turnabout, announcing that they would keep the service open on PS3 and PS Vita, closing the PSP store on July 2, 2021. All perfect, right? By removing the closure of the older portable platform, it will still be possible to purchase a digital copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 e 4 Golden Person (to name two at random huh)? Unfortunately for you, this whole movement of righteous indignation has not only died due to the silence already mentioned, but has been rendered completely useless by the bad general management of the PS Store.

Well, since last October, Sony itself has made inaccessible the sections of its store dedicated to the titles of its previous consoles and previously available on their official website, thus denying direct access from Smartphones and Computers, the most used platforms for the purchase of digital goods (according to a statistical survey by OuterBox and updated to 2021).

This led to a very skilled user in web design and javascript to create Valkyrie, an add-on for Mozilla Firefox capable of retrieving the old PS Store pages from the Internet Archive, enabling communication with the servers dedicated to the usual payment.

And do you want to know what happened to this insignificant add-on? It was patched in less than a week. One time stance to the obstruction of choices for the passionate consumer and which unfortunately confirms Sony's unwillingness to support its own legacy, a bit as it claimed Jim Ryan in 2017 during an interview with TIME and where he was asked the reasons behind PS4's renunciation of support for the backward compatibility, in contrast to what Microsoft did (and continues to do) with its Xbox ecosystem.

“When we dabbled with backwards compatibility, I can say that it is one of those features that is requested several times, but never used too much. I recently went to a Gran Turismo themed event where they had games for PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4. And the PS1 and PS2 games, they seemed ancient and I thought who would ever play this? "

A comment that still today I consider not only out of place, but also hypocritical considering that a large part of the PS4 library is composed of Remastered, Remake and Porting of the so-called old games. And even if it were, even if Jim Ryan was right to believe those games ancient, why not communicate with the community? Especially with the recently successful Gran Turismo community to resurrect an online mode that was initially discarded for Gran Turismo 4. But we talk a lot about old games, who would ever play them right?

Even Nintendo, albeit in a questionable way at times (via the artificially limited sale or via the scarcity of supply) is able to support his old works and still hosts some of the games from his past platforms on his eShop. Not all of course, but most of those available in digital form are still available today and can be downloaded through the main platforms available. Without the need to "build a wall". And speaking of walls ...

"We believe in console love ... As long as you pay us the protection money"

You will all remember the little interlude of the 2018 Game Awards with protagonists Shawn Layden, Phil Spencer e Reggie Fils-aime. A nice moment of union between the three main competitors of the videogame panorama that could have scored the definitive death of the console war, a term that I personally despise for what it has become in recent years a competition to see who has the lowest IQ.

And if in the case of Nintendo and Microsoft, the two companies have created a real relationship of interest that has led to games such as Ori and Will of the Wisp coming to Nintendo Switch and the internet-breaking announcement of Steve as DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Sony remained locked in its stale bunker and where the slogans For the Players o Play has no limits are distorted. To be clear, in no way did I expect or expect the arrival of Horizon Zero Dawn on Xbox or Astro's Playroom on Nintendo Switch, however, it makes me smile a lot when Sony is the only company to make a wall and raise fuss for one of the most important features for titles that base their luck on multiplayer mode: crossplay.

In fact, in the last few days, this particular elitism of Sony towards such an insignificant feature and how simple to implement has returned for a few seconds to the center of the community discussions, after that Randy Pitchford stated the lack of support for the feature within the PS4 version of Borderlands 3, at the behest of the publisher 2K Games. What does Sony have to do with all this? The process takes care of it Epic vs. Apple to remove your doubts, through an official document that shows the functioning of a revenue fee linked to games that aim at the implementation of the crossplatform.

Sony PlayStation 3 4 5 Vita PSP Jim Ryan Studios Editorial Microsoft Nintendo Activision Ubisoft EA

To summarize: If a game does not reach a certain quota, obtained by taking into account the total earnings of the game and those on the PS4 and PSN platform, the developer or publisher will have to pay a monthly fee to be able to continue supporting the crossplatform modes. This, like it or not, is literally lace and do you know who imposes this kind of taxes? Mafia. Sony is a mafia, and it's the only one to impose this kind of tax by hiding behind empty statements like "We want to protect our users". And please, let's not compare this kind of "strategies" (which have very little strategic) to what Epic has done in recent years. Unlike Sony, I would like to break a lance in favor of the company behind Unreal which at least tried to propose a software offer of its own a bit to piss off Steam, but also to support the developers, rather by removing taxes. to impose them.

No, Sony doesn't want to protect anyone at all. On the contrary, he prefers to beat his feet and demand a compensation based on nothing, damaging not only the developers, but also those who self-righteously boast of defending: the players. Anyway, if you don't hit them IN THEIR wallets to the players they will never say anything and they will keep making top text / bottom text memes about the usual three wretches: Ubisoft, Activision e EA.

"We believe in generations ... But only when Microsoft doesn't"

Now, before concluding this more than justified outburst with the most recent chocolatier figure of our beloved (much loved) Sony, I would like to express a little thought to the developers of the Playstation Studios: what will follow it is in no way an attack on your efforts and the many sacrifices made during the pandemic even just to be able to work (remotely or in the office). I'm sure behind the choice of make cross-gen God of War: Ragnarok, Gran Turismo 7 and many other future titles there is also the desire to make them available to as many people as possible, even if with some technical sacrifices ...

... But I'm sorry, Sony deserves all the shit they can get in this case and it's all their communication fault: schizophrenic, paraculist and based on planning "Fucking dog", as long as you get on the wagon of the vincitore. I refresh your memory, going back to what Jim Ryan said GameIndustry.Biz in May 2020:

“We have already said that we believe in generations. We believe that when you go to the trouble of building a next-gen console, it will have to include features and benefits that the previous generation doesn't. And that, in our view, people should create games that make the most of these features. We believe in generations, whether it's the Dual Sense controller, 3D audio or the countless opportunities of the SSD ... we think it's time to give the PlayStation community something new, different and that can only be enjoyed on PS5 . "

All very beautiful, words that in any other context I would have appreciated. June and September arrive, games like Gran Turismo 7 and God of War: Ragnarok are presented at dedicated conferences exclusively on PS5, people like Mark Cerny to flex the capabilities of the new toy and the advantages it can offer to developers, leading its users to believe in the generational change and to invest in the unique features of the new console that for sure (as in the case of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart) will be worth the candle . No?

But it is in the month of November that Sony begins to understand that maybe, maybe the scarcity of electronic components caused by the pandemic could have affected their vision. PS5 evaporates from the radar of the average consumer because of the few stocks, the bots and therefore consequently the touts. Sony, however, remains silent and continues to boast its superiority over its competitors, especially compared to Microsoft which in the last year has been heavily criticized for having openly planned a crossgen support of at least 2 years. What losers right?

2021 is coming and the shortage of components does not seem to end, rather. And it's only now, 7 months after the release of the console, that to those Sony wells of wisdom comes the ideon: "Maybe, but maybe eh, did we say a lot of shit?" And it is precisely at that moment that those statements by Mark Cerny about the PS4 hardware limitations that they interfere with creative innovation meet the harsh reality. Because I tell you a secret: at the moment, buying PS5 means throwing away a good part of your savings and being fooled by hasty and sometimes deceptive marketing.

But nothing, all this incompetence and hypocrisy is not discussed enough, but we prefer to sympathize. Because if Sony does then it is justifiable, if Cory Balrog says so then it's fine. If it is Phil Spencer or someone else outside the blue team who says it, this is no longer good, and this condescending silence becomes a herd of angry sheep, who do nothing but throw empty words cloaked in an aura that Sony has learned. to abuse too well: hypocrisy.

But maybe it's just me who has this impression, maybe I myself look at things from a distorted perspective and in reality Sony has already been held accountable on some of his filth. What I do know is that I will never forgive her for doing me unimaginable harm. But do we realize that in this editorial I, a Linux user, have tried to defend Microsoft? Where the fuck are we going to end up?