After so many rumors, the conference Square Enix Presents ended with the announcement and confirmation of the development of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins, a new beginning for the historical saga developed together with Team Ninja Koei Tecmo.

The game coming out during the 2022 su PC, PS4PS5Xbox, will see the artistic and narrative direction of Kazushige Nojima Tetsuya Nomura and will tell a story that could be linked to the first chapter of the saga. Jack and his allies Ash and Jed embarked on a journey to discover the Temple of Chaos, a dark entity that the group will try to destroy, trying to make the prophecy of the gods come true Warriors of the Light. While exploring the dark castle, the group will come across Garland, a black knight who craves the power of Chaos.

It was also confirmed the arrival of an exclusive test demo on PS5 which will remain online until June 24 2021.