The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles returns to show itself thanks to the presentation of Capcom at E3 2021 thanks to two new trailers.

The Capcom conference, despite not having revealed any new titles, shed light on the collection dedicated to the two spin-off titles in the saga of the lawyer Phoenix Wright. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicle will indeed feature The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve, both unreleased outside of Japan.

The two graphic adventures were the protagonists of two trailers during the last evening, one of presentation and the other of pure gameplay. Here is the story trailer:

As for the gameplay, the two titles fully incorporate the mechanics of the main chapters of the saga. Interrogations, search for evidence and discussions in court will therefore be the fundamental elements of these adventures. You can see all these game phases in the following video:

The collection will be available from July 27 2021 on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.