After well 187 days of exile cyberpunk 2077 becomes available for purchase and download on PlayStation Store. To announce the return of the CD Projekt RED open world on the digital store was Sony itself, which through a official tweet however, he also recommended playing the title on PlayStation 4 Pro or PlayStation 5 in order to fully enjoy it.

The game was originally removed from the Sony store just a week after its release last December due to the various technical problems that plagued the old-gen version of the title. Well in about six months from launch Cyberpunk 2077 has received well three big updates it's a half a dozen hotfixes, that although they have improved the stability of the latter on the “base” consoles, they still show how far the promised stability is at 30fps for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is therefore not clear why Sony has decided only today, June 21 to make the title available for purchase again, and at the moment the company itself has not released any other statements on the matter.