It is useless to hide it, despite its problems PlayStation is the leading platform in the videogame market, both in terms of hardware and software sales. Leadership like that it could easily be coupled with excellent relationships between Sony and all of its publishers and developers guests within their platform, be it AAA or Indie titles.

Unfortunately for the latter category, this scenario is far from close and the reality told by Iain Garner in the past few days it seems to be completely different. In fact, according to the statements of the co-founder of the publisher Neon Doctrine, work with Sony and PlayStation to promote and sometimes even manage their own titles on theirs PS Store it is a tortuous and complicated process.

“Platform X offers no way for you to manage your games. In order to get some publicity, you have to jump through hoops, pray and beg for any level of promotion. And a blog post doesn't work as well as you think. If Platform X doesn't like your game, no celebration, no performance, no love. […] Oh but don't worry. There is a way to guarantee you a space. All you have to do is pay the REASONABLE minimum amount of $ 25,000. Oh and then 30% of your earnings ... "

Garner's complaints were also supported by the statements of Matthew white (WhiteThorn Games) and Ragnar Tørnquist (Red Thread Games).

“Launch support is impossible to plan, coupons for Kickstarter backers take months to generate, nobody replies to support emails. We have no opportunity to operate in the store (discounts etc.), PS5 support is a great mystery. Our application support regularly tells us that it will take care of this but does not. "

“Draugen has been out on consoles for over a year now. When was the last time you received a discount? And it certainly isn't the fault of a lack of commitment. It's disheartening. "

What do you think? For sure PlayStation will have to work hard on its relationships with smaller publishers, but could you imagine such a situation?