Genshin Impact enters version 2.0 and, for the occasion, the new character Kamisato Ayaka is presented thanks to a new trailer.

The free to play title created by the Chinese software house MiHoYo will enter phase 2.0 from next week. From the 12 July players will enjoy cross-save, will be able to explore the new region of Inazuma and try three new characters. Among these there is Kamisato ayaka, the protagonist of the latest trailer. Here it is below:

The young Kamisato is trained to carry on the traditions of Inazuma, such as calligraphy and the art of the sword. The five-star swordswoman will be added since 21 July along with two other characters: Yoimiya and Sayu.

What do you think of this huge update? Are you still playing Genshin Impact?