Valve kept their word. After the first ones rumor on the phantom portable console, the PC Gaming giant of Gabe Newell confirmed the rumors by announcing its return to the console market with Steam deck, a console that is very reminiscent of a certain one Nintendo Switch.

To tell the truth, the machine would ape the version Lite of the system of the Kyoto house, thus choosing not to implement separable controllers such as the so famous as they are hated Joy-con. On the contrary, the Steam Deck controls reflect the layout of the previous one in some features Steam Controller, opting for the implementation of two trackpads in addition to the classics action buttons, dorsal, triggers e the heights analog.

But let's talk about technical specifications:

The console is equipped with a processor AMD Zen2 Custom from 2.4 up to 3.5 GHz, a 16GB LPDDR5 RAM memory and a RDNA GPU 2. By the way, the console will be available for purchase in three models: from 64GB eMMC (419), 256GB NVMe SSD (549) and from 512GB NVMe SSD (679), expandable via SD card. All enclosed within a shell capable of accommodating one 7 ”LCD screen (1280x800px) at 60hz and from a battery that can deliver between the 2 and the 8 hours. The operating system will be Steam OS 3.0, a version of the distribution Arch Linux.

As for the Deck instead, the latter will be sold separately and in addition to the USB-C port dedicated to recharging and inserting the console, will be supplied 3 USB ports (1 × 3.1 and 2 × 2.0), an Ethernet port and two video ports: Display Port 1.4 e HDMI 2.0.

For more details on the console and pre-orders (starting tomorrow Friday 16 July 2021), we invite you to visit the Official site dedicated.