In the past few hours, the most important event of the year was held for fans of Warframe, TennoCon 2021, during which all the news that will arrive in the future on free-to-play were announced.

Among all the news announced by Digital Extremes (including one mobile version of Warframe about which very little is known yet) definitely stands out the introduction of two new features long requested by the community within the title, the cross-play and cross-save.

To reveal it was Sheldon Carter, chief operating officer of Digital Extremes, explaining that building a large united Warframe community is one of the fundamental objectives of the studio, which also aims to unify the release dates of all updates and expansions regardless of the platform.

At the moment, however, we do not have a precise date regarding when cross-play and cross-save will be implemented on Warframe, but only that it will happen. by the end of the current year. So we just have to wait for official news on the part of Digital Extremes.