Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Microsoft Games Showcase X 343 IndustriesThere is a lot of anticipation towards Halo Infinite, new chapter of the Master Chief saga that will see the light by the end of the year and will open its doors to its users in a few weeks for some phases of Beta.

These seem to have aroused particular interest in the public, so much so that 343 Industries, per item of the Community director Brian Jarrard, basically revealed how registrations exceeded 100.000 users.

“I know people are getting tired of seeing all the Halo Insider reminders - I promise you I'm not kidding. The truth is that we have LOTS (a six-digit number) "registered" people who have not completed the required steps. This makes me genuinely sad, knowing that they will miss the opportunity ”.

In short, what emerges from Jarrard's words is that the users registered for the Beta are actually well over 100.000, but there is also a large number of players who will not be able to access it if they do not decide to complete all the steps necessary to validate their membership. What is certain, net of the Community director's displeasure for users who will be excluded, is that interest in Halo Infinite is far from waning despite the postponement that hit him last year and it is still the most awaited exclusive among those of Xbox Game Studios.