The closed beta of N, the first MMORPG developed by Amazon Games and unfortunately for the colossus of Jeff Bezos there already seem to be big problems as regards optimization of the title. In fact, for some days now, several users flocked to the title's subreddit, reporting overheating issues for their video cards, especially with regards to EVGA RTX 3090.

According to the various reports, the problem would have manifested itself within the graphics options menu. In fact, once an advanced graphics option has been selected, systems with one of the models of the new license plate inside them Nvidia they would suddenly go out, frying the video card. According to further analysis, it would appear that play with a locked frame rate at 60fps solve the situation, relieving the workload of the components.

Fortunately, EVGA has reassured their buyers that they can replace the video card compromised as long as they are covered by the guarantee. Despite this, Amazon Games has denied any links between the game and the various hardware problems:

“We have received several reports of players experiencing malfunctions regarding high-performance hardware components. New World uses standard DirectX functions following the instructions of the Windows API. On our side, we have not seen a spread of this problem with the 3090s, neither during the beta, nor during the many months of alpha. "