To a great surprise, the roster of Genshin Impact is enriched thanks to a truly unexpected character, Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn.

Through social media, the Chinese software house miHoYo announced a totally unexpected cross-over event: Aloy leaves the world of Horizon Zero Dawn to join the characters of Genshin Impact. The collaboration, announced via Twitter, will start from version 2.1 for PS5 and PS4 players, while all the others will have to wait for theUpdate 2.2.

No exclusivity for “Nora's Huntress”, which will then be available to everyone once she reaches Rank 20. The 5 star fighter it will be distributed via in-game email and, this time only for PlayStation players, it can be enhanced with a special four-star arc (always free) with a Horizon theme.

What do you think of this cross-over? Would you like to see others?