New World RTX 3090In recent days, discussions on the Closed Beta of New World, new MMORPG of Amazon Games accused of "frying" the expensive video cards of unfortunate users. Thanks to a large media sounding board offered by the press and influencers (and despite the perplexity of the most savvy users), the rumor has spread like wildfire, generating a singular mass hysteria based on a now inevitably widespread belief: "New World burns video cards".

It matters little that the case actually concerned, in most cases, an RTX 3090 model manufactured by EVGA and the subsequent episodes, reported on other cards, were actually cases of entry into operation of the common protection systems which almost all modern hardware is equipped with. The omelette had now been made and for this reason someone decided to see us a little more clearly and analyze the matter more closely.

The German site igor's LAB, specialized in PC hardware tests, has in fact examined the New World case and identified the culprit of the crime: New World is not the cause of these problems, just a correlation, and the finger must be pointed up "A design flaw in EVGA cards".

According to the analysis, this underlies a malfunction in the fan control system mounted on the cards of the Californian company, a problem that emerged months ago thanks to various tests and promptly reported to the manufacturer via emails sent and posts on the forum. Reports that, according to the site, would have been ignored. In short, it was only a matter of time before the inconvenience presented itself to users and the fact that it was encountered by several players is just a coincidence dictated by the fact that New World is the title of the moment and a very large slice of the public is participating in the Beta of the Amazon Games MMORPG.

The absence of a FPS limit in the game's main menu (then promptly set up with a patch) has only revealed an inherent defect in the card, according to the tests carried out, as it was even reproducible in game and with a RTX 3080 FTW 3 Ultra always EVGA license plate: it was noted that the speed of one of the fans would splash at insane speeds for short intervals of time at both 60 and 144 FPS, although below 100 this overload was practically unnoticeable to the player, and the limiter-less main menu basically brought up a malfunction that was already in progress. To make matters worse, igor's LAB he explained that the problem did not go away even by manually setting the fan speed and this also occurred by forcibly limiting them to 50% of the maximum speed. Not even a change of VBIOS version seems to have produced any kind of solution.

In conclusion, following the tests carried out, the German site wanted to permanently cleanse New World of the infamous label of "Video card executioner", underlining how one of the "defunct" RTX 3090s was actually modified to bypass the power limiters and that the whole scenario was reproducible even by playing a completely different title such as Year 1800.

EVGA, for its part, in the meantime has already confirmed that will replace all video cards that have fallen victim to the problem.