Continue our coverage of Activision Blizzard case, which broke out last week after the publication of the lawsuit brought by the Californian DFHE and who accuses the colossus (after two years from the start of the investigation) of having created one frat-boy culture through sexual abuse, acts of sexism and mistreatment.

Activision BlizzardAfter protests from players e the statements of the two former managers, also came the response of Blizzard employees, who did not take particularly well the recent statements of the executive Frances Townsend, guilty of having defined the complaint as without merit and irresponsible.

In the day today, the employees will organize a strike total, which will see the participation of those directly involved in physical and virtual mode, as announced by the organizers through Polygon.

"In light of the statements by Activision Blizzard Inc. and their legal department regarding the DFEH lawsuit, and subsequent internal statements by Frances Townsend and various stories shared by former and current Activision Blizzard employees, we believe that our values ​​as employees do not reflect the words and actions of our leaders.

As current Blizzard employees, we will organize a strike against the management team, with the aim of improving conditions for all employees of the company, especially women, especially women of color, transgender, non-binary and other groups. marginalized. "