Riot Games has achieved the symbolic goal of 100 million dollars in revenues from its mobile games. There is the driving force behind the sales League of Legends: Wild Rift, mobile version of the hugely popular MOBA.

Mobile gaming is now the main segment of the gaming market. Recent studies show how the industry has stolen the most profitable support crown from the PC, and its expansion seems unstoppable.

In confirmation of these general data come the sales of Riot's mobile games, reported by a document by Tower Sensor. 100 million dollars in revenues, an important and symbolic figure, also in view of the launch of League of Legends: Wild Rift in China. 

The mobile version of LoL accounts for over 60% of earnings, with its $ 65 million in revenue. Second but well detached Teamfight Tactics, with 26 million and finally Legends of Runeterra, with 16 million.

Global Player Spending in Riot Games Mobile Titles

About i60% of sales come from Android platforms, with the rest occurring on iOS instead. The relative majority of income comes from United States, 26%, with South Korea following at 22%.

The results are perhaps unsurprising but certainly reassuring for Riot.   and such a result was anything but a foregone conclusion.