To define PlayStation 5 an unobtainable console is a bit like discover hot water. In the nine months following its launch, the new gem of Sony it turned out to be almost impossible to obtain, partly thanks to the scourge of the scalpers and partly because of the semiconductor crisis which has limited the tech sector since the start of the pandemic.

However, it appears that the Japanese company has finally found an alternative method for secure enough components to produce new units.

PlayStation 5 PS5 Fans Update Data AnalysisDuring the last financial meeting, the top Sony as the CFO Hiroki totoki have confirmed to their investors that they have secured enough semiconductors to be able to produce more than 22 million consoles, a figure that coincides with their new target for the fiscal year: to place 15 million consoles sold by the end of March 2022.

"The semiconductor crisis has had an impact in several aspects and through various measures, we have taken action […] The shortage of components does not worry us."

Last April, Totoki himself announced a Bloomberg to have in mind several gimmicks to get around this problem, talking not only about the supply of these components through third parties, but also through some changes in the hardware design of the console. Was this newfound confidence in sales the result of one of these new strategies?