Embracer Group, the Swedish company specializing in investments applied to the videogame market and owner of publishers and software houses such as Koch Media e Saber Interactive, has recently confirmed the acquisition of ben 8 software houses. Among these, check the name of 3D Realms, the historical developer behind the Duke Nukem.

duke nukemHere is the list of all the companies acquired, an operation completed thanks to the efforts of the aforementioned subsidiary companies:

  • 3D Realms (Saber Interactive)
  • Slipgate Ironworks (Saber Interactive)
  • Digixart (Koch Media)
  • Force Field (Koch Media)
  • Crazy Labs
  • Ghost ship games (Coffee Stain)
  • Easy Trigger (Coffee Stain)
  • Grimfrost

According to what Embracer communicated, these acquisitions will bring (during the fiscal year 2022/2023) earnings equal to 230-350 million dollars.