Elden Ring appears on Steam and on PlayStation Store with its own dedicated page. Now you can add the game to your wish list.

With months in advance of the scheduled exit for January 21 2022, Elden Ring appears on the digital stores of Valve and Sony.

The card dedicated to the From Software title presents a new synopsis:

"The new fantasy action RPG
Arise, Lightless, and let grace lead you to conquer the Elden Ring, whose power will make you Lord of the Interregnum.

A boundless and surprising world
A vast world, in which boundless lands full of dangers intersect seamlessly with subterranean mazes with sumptuous interconnected architecture. Explore the unknown and fight deadly threats in a world where survival is an achievement.

Create your character
In addition to creating your hero's appearance from scratch, you can customize his equipment with weapons, armor and spells. Develop his skills according to your style of play, favoring physical strength or focusing on magical practices.

An epic drama born of myth
Experience a multi-faceted story told by fragments. An epic drama in which the stories of each character intertwine against the backdrop of the Interregnum.

A special online mode that connects experiences
In addition to the classic multiplayer mode, which allows you to connect directly to other players and explore together, the game includes an asynchronous online function that makes the presence of other heroes tangible. "

Now more than ever we just have to wait for day one with impatience.