humankindhumankind, ambitious strategic developed by Amplitude Studios and published by SEGA, is finally approaching its official release date and does so by announcing a pleasant surprise for players: it will in fact be included in the Xbox Game Pass catalog already on day one, scheduled for next August 17th.

The development team was keen to point out the extreme breadth of the title, belonging to the subgenus of the so-called 4X, presenting some numbers in a dedicated video:

“In HUMANKIND there are 129 different units spanning 10 biomes wonderfully detailed. Those biomes will host 45 different species of animals wandering through the wilderness that you will have to populate. The achievements and important moments of the story that you reach in this way will be highlighted by one of the 700 unique illustrations.

As you grow your civilization and progress through the 93 technologies offered, you will hear a 13 and a half hour soundscape with over 1.300 audio files. This ambient noise will be punctuated by the majestic music of Arnaud Roy, having a 520-minute soundtrack, performed by 63 individual musicians and 20 choristers.

Your custom avatar, which will evolve with your civilization, will be able to choose from over 122 tailor-made costumes. The choices you will make in 150 narrative events they will further diversify you and your civilization from the competition, particularly in the multiplayer up to 10 people! "

Humankind will be available on PC and Google Stadia, as mentioned, starting from 17 August.