gamescom XboxMicrosoft has formalized its presence at the Gamescom 2021 with special event Xbox dedicated. Due to the complications due to Covid-19, the Cologne conference will not be held in attendance but will be broadcast live in streaming via the company's official channels.

The event is scheduled for 24 August at 19pm (Italian time) and will offer an in-depth look at the titles coming out this year, with updates on those already presented previously and from Xbox Game Studios that from third parties and some news coming out for the end of 2021.

He will also take part in Gamescom Bethesda, which will have its own dedicated event during the opening night entitled "Bethesda MainStream“, To underline the ample autonomy granted by Microsoft to the company acquired last year.

As mentioned, the conference will be broadcast live on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook Gaming e Twitter. Confirm broadcasts translated into over 30 languages and special discounts on the Xbox store to celebrate the event.