Halo Infinite 343 IndustriesIn the course of 'Opening Night Live area of Gamescom the release date of Halo Infinite, set for8th December. The players, however, expected new images of the single player campaign, remaining partially disappointed by their absence.

343 Industries explained the reasons behind this choice through a post on Inside Infinite blog, signed by the lead writer Joseph Staten who explained how the team is currently in "Shutdown mode", or that the work on the contents has been completed and the game is being refined:

“We are in a critical phase of that flight called Halo Infinite, so it is extremely important to avoid distractions and stay focused only on the most important objectives of the mission. As for the campaign, that means putting the utmost effort into making sure that the expansive, adventure-filled experience you'll be playing starting December 8th is as great as possible. And gameplay demos or trailers not only take a great deal of time to get done right, but they also take cycles away from work on bugs and title closure.".

Staten then reassured the players by stating that has already played a lot of Halo Infinite, completing the campaign several times. The gameplay of the game is defined "Really funny" as well as running properly on all tested hardware, including the very first Xbox One.

As announced, Halo Infinite will offer multiplayer and single-player campaigns from launch, while the co-op campaign and the Forge will have to wait for the following seasons.