The Life is Strange TV series has not been canceled. Here's what we know about this new video game adaptation.

After the announcement dating back about five years ago, the TV series of Life is Strange it now seemed to have disappeared into oblivion. Today we discover instead that the adaptation, ordered by Legendary Pictures which obtained the rights from Square Enix, is still in the works at the manufacturer. Anonymous Content. The latter became famous for working on the teen-drama TV series 13 Reasons Why exclusively for Netflix. The events faced in Life is Strange do not differ too much from the adolescent themes seen in 13 Reasons Why, so we can expect a very similar production.

Another novelty is the arrival of the Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes in the project. The young musician will in fact cover the role of music manager for the series.

Recall that the story that will be adapted will be that of Max Caulfield, protagonist of the first Life is Strange.