The last year of the pandemic has taught the gaming industry a lot, especially with regard to the possibilities offered by remote work (smartworking). More and more development houses they are starting to experiment with this method of productivity even outside the limits imposed by the COVID-19, offering its employees the opportunity to continue working within the walls of their home.

In the case of DONTNOD, the developers of Life is Strange e Tell Me Why have devised a new program dedicated to the management and coordination of these situations.

Dontnod Life is Strange Tell Me Why Vampyr Remember MeAs of today, the employees of both locations of Montreal e Paris will be able to join the FROG Program (Fully Remote Organization), and choose whether to continue their work in remote mode or in office mode.

In case you choose to work remotely, DONTNOD itself will provide the latter with the necessary tools to be able to do your job at best (be it comfortable chairs, peripherals and much more). In the case of office work, employees will have a dedicated workstation available.

The ability to flexibly manage this work dichotomy, will allow DONTNOD to invest even more in new hires and expand.

“The flexibility gained with the FROG program has allowed us to respond quickly to changing expectations and circumstances, affecting the personal and working lives of employees. It is the heart of our organizational culture with which we want to grow our Montreal studio and an essential part of what we want to offer our employees. "