redfallDue to a leak I am appeared on the net the first images of redfall, a project on which the Arkane Austin studio is currently working, presented a few months ago during the Xbox E3 event.

The images show some shots taken during the play test of a build in Alpha, therefore at a stage far from the release version. Thanks to them and to some additional information provided by the anonymous leaker it is possible to hypothesize how the game is in all respects an open world playable also in cooperative multiplayer, with different selectable protagonists and different skills characteristics for each. The arsenal of weapons available should be quite vast and differentiated, going to follow that of a Borderlands looter shooter.

Second the very first details provided since Arkane a few months ago, Redfall is expected to mix these elements with a foundation from the studio's past experiences, such as Prey and Dishonored, creating a game that is once again different from the previous ones, as the practice teaches us.

All that remains is to wait for new official details on the project, remembering that Redfall is expected in the summer of 2022 on PC and Xbox Series X | S.