Bayonetta could have a new voice in the awaited third chapter, at least according to some tweets of the historic voice actress.

The expected Bayonetta 3 could change a very important aspect of the Witch of Umbra: the voice. Hellena Taylor, historical voice actress who gave her voice to the protagonist in the first two chapters, made it clear via Twitter that she was no longer linked to the saga born from the genius of Kamiya.

The voice actress claims that fans will have to get used to no longer hearing her voice linked to the character of Bayonetta, and claims he can do nothing more about the matter.

The theories are therefore two: either in the third chapter the protagonist will have a new voice, or Hellena Taylor has finished the dubbing of Bayonetta 3 but will no longer work on the brand. In any case, it is certainly a regret not to be able to hear a voice that has become iconic anymore.

We remind you that Bayonetta 3 is expected exclusively for Nintendo Switch, but we have no information on the game for a long time now. Can we hope to see it in the next Nintendo Direct?