After sensational case of harassment that has engulfed Activision Blizzard in the summer, a new sensibility for these issues seems to have arisen within the big video game companies. The new Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester, just hired, he immediately admitted inappropriate behavior dating back to 2018.

Paradox Interactive has recently announced a change at the helm of the company. The new CEO will be Fredrik Wester, already among the founders of Paradox and for seven years at the head of the company.

His CEO career ended in 2018 when he stepped down from the position he is about to return to. Precisely these resignations would be linked tod Wester's inappropriate behavior towards another unidentified employee. 

Wester's apology

In general, the details are very vague. The events would have taken place at the beginning of 2018, during a conference that involved the entire company and would have contributed significantly to the resignation of Wester. In the tweet in which he admitted this behavior, the CEO wrote:

“Everyone has the right to feel safe around a power figure like me. [...] It was never my intention to make anyone uncomfortable, but it happened, much to my regret. I'm working with my coach to better understand the impact my behavior has on others, and to improve myself. "

Harassment at Paradox

These statements come less than two weeks after the previous CEO's resignation, Ebba ljungerud, caused by a report showing as many of the Paradox female employees had been harassed during their work experience.

Wester's move, which may seem strange in a vacuum, becomes more understandable in the light of these events. Rather than being overwhelmed by a harassment scandal involving the new CEO, the company executives decided to act in advance. 

In this way Paradox protects itself from the emergence of further details on the Wester's "inappropriate behavior", preventing the inevitable controversy that would follow.