It's raining in the wet at Activision Blizzard. After the scandals related to harassment perpetrated against several employees by prominent members of the management, now the software house is preparing to face another lawsuit. 

This time, the US unions are accusing Activision. The accusation was brought on September 10, but it was made known only on the 14th. According to what was declared by the leading US media union Communications Workers of America, Activision allegedly operated “busting” tactics, interfering with its employees' right of union aggregation.

The ABetterABK initiative

To announce the start of the legal procedure was ABetterABK, an Activision employee association. The organization said it has the support of CODE-CWA, the section of the union that deals with the video game industry.

ABetterABK was born during the demonstrations which followed the scandals in July. Following Activision's passive attitude towards the harassment allegations, several workers organized a strike.

Activision and "Forced Arbitration"

The organization then had listed a number of requests, in order to obtain better rights for the company's workers. In particular, the association has railed against "Forced Arbitration", forced arbitration.

This practice obliges employees to discuss any contractual dispute with the company only. This lawsuit would be a move to counter Activision's meddling in the change attempts that ABetterABK is carrying out.

“If the National Labor Relations Office decides in our favor, the decision will have retroactive effect. No American worker will have to fear forced arbitration anymore."

In recent months, Blizzard's senior executives have been shaken by anyway several resignations. On August 3 they left the company both J. Allen Brack, the president, either Jesse Meschuk, in charge of human resources. The company has already announced the replacements: in place of Brack there will be Sandeep Dube, formerly of Delta Airlines, while the HR will be entrusted to Julie Hodges, coming from Disney.