Il Tokyo Game Show is approaching and the first insights are beginning to emerge on what we will see starting from 30 September 2021. In the last few hours, SEGA has in fact opened a website linked to a new JRPG project intended for mobile platforms, and which will receive a particular focus during its conference for the TGS.

Inside the page, which can be visited via this link, you can hear a short message he tries to set the mood of this new game that should resume the dynamics of a traditional JRPG experience. Here is a translation of the announcement, transcribed by the guys from VGC.

“What is an RPG? It is a journey into an unknown world. But these days a story is nothing more than a linear journey, a journey that should be a road but that can be rewound and replayed. A predetermined ending. But is that really what we want? Before the birth of video games, the first role-playing games were handled with pen and paper. The staging and the story were handled by you, and each player was free to create their own battles. A story is not something you read, but an experience that can only be lived once. There was excitement and freedom. Take them back! An RPG made of scenes, a smartphone. You choose the ending. Let's start a unique journey. Will it be funny or sad? The choice of how to tell the story will be up to you. You will surely discover the real RPG. "

Of course, this new and ambitious project will not be SEGA's only focus. During the event, further news and updates related to the universe will arrive Atlus, and in all likelihood we will discover new info on Shin Megami Tensei V and we will celebrate together the 25th Anniversary of Persona.