Ok, in the end Balan wonderworld it turned out not to be the masterpiece that fans of Yuji Naka and Nights into Dreams they expected. Between a disastrous launch from low sales and some technical glitches, failure of the platform distributed below Square Enix led to Sonic's dad saying goodbye from Sonic's offices. But as everyone knows, the end coincides with the beginning and good Naka took advantage of his 56 birthday to start it all over again and devote yourself to independent development.

"Thanks for your greeting messages. I'm 56, and I recently started studying programming again, making a simple smartphone game with Unity. It's not a big project as it was developed by one person, but programming a game is fun. I hope you can play the app once it is released. "

In short, after all that has happened, it looks like Balan Wonderworld it won't be Yuji Naka's last project, as he had catastrophically pre-announced a few months ago.