The highly anticipated is finally available for a few hours second chapter di Deltarune, direct sequel to Undertale, one of the most beloved indies of the last decade.

Well, just as the first chapter had been, the second part of Deltarune was also published in such a way totally free da Toby Fox, which in a status update on the Official site of the game, he explained the reasons that led him to publish the game for free until now.

Hi everyone. The world has been really tough for everybody recently. So I decided to release DELTARUNE Chapter 2 for free. I guess like a pet cat that drops bugs at your doorstep, I can, with some pride, show you the weird things I've been doing.

I'm not sure if it will help, but I hope so.

(Just one request - please remember, games like this aren't normally free. If you can afford it, spend the money you saved from getting this game for free by supporting other indie devs.

If you really want to give me money, buy the soundtrack from Bandcamp. Thank you.)

As for the future developments of the title, still on the same post Toby explained that he will aim to develop the chapters of the game: 3, 4 and 5, in Contemporary, in order to publish a release containing the full version of Deltarune once the work is finished, and that unlike how it has been until now, it will be paid, and it will cost "even more than Undertale" (which in any case at a price of 10 euros is undoubtedly an experience that is really worth it).