Since its launch on Nintendo Switch last July Pokémon Unite has conquered peaks of popularity on the eShop, also thanks to the continuous balancing patches that TiMi Studio Group has brought to MOBA.

Well a new update is available from today for the title, issued in conjunction with the free release of the same on devices iOS ed Android. Starting today (September 22th) the game is in fact downloadable from the app stores of mobile devices, with a slew of new features introduced by the new patch.

First of all, the much requested stands out spectator mode, which will allow us to watch our friends' games at any time. In addition to the new Battle Pass two new Pokémon have been introduced with today's update: sylveon e Mamoswine. Last but not least, from today it will also be possible to create and become part of the "Squad", real clans / guilds where players can receive experience and rewards as a group.

Finally, we remind you that the cross-play between the mobile and Nintendo Switch versions of Pokémon Unite is also active as of today, so players can connect regardless of their platform.