In the past hours TiMi Studios revealed the release date of Mamoswine su Pokémon Unite, the pocket monsters themed MOBA available on Nintendo Switch and on Android and iOS devices.

Il Two Fangs Pokémon Ice / Ground type will play a role in the MOBA tank brawler, with skills capable of performing gods crowd control directed on opposing Pokémon through stuns and charges, as well as obviously offering excellent resistance to damage for your team. The character will be available for purchase in the Unite shop starting from Wednesday 29 September at the cost of 10.000 Aeos like any new Pokémon at launch.

The next Pokémon to join the Unite roster will be sylveon, the Elf evolution of Eevee, which however does not yet have an official release date. So we just have to wait for news on the matter from TiMi itself.