Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is ready to update thanks to the rich Update 4. Let's see it in detail.

The new free update 1.4.0 of the Jrpg spin-off of the Capcom saga is ready to arrive on your consoles on September 30th. But what will it consist of? Let's see it in the dedicated trailer:

In addition to the changes to the gameplay, such as the addition of the ability to immediately launch into action with your battle partner directly from the central hub and the resolution of some minor bugs, the real novelty lies in the new missions. Here are the details divided by release date:

Additional monsters
September 30th
- (High difficulty) Kulve Taroth (exclusive monster of the cooperative mission);
- Molten Tigrex

7 October
- The terrible Rathalos.

Additional cooperative missions
September 30th
- 9 (Time) Fury of the Earth
- 9 (Kill) Oroshi Kirin
- ★ 8 (Explore) Dragon Eggs
7 October
- ★ 9 (Explore) Elder Dragon Den
- ★ 9 (Turn) Terror and Furious
- ★ 9 (Kill) Rathalos Terror
- ★ 9 (Kill) Molten Tigrex

Additional Subquests
September 30th
- ★ 4 (Special) Go Nuts for donuts
- October 7th
- 8 Roar that pierces the sky
- 8 Kings among kings
- 8 (Special) A meaty proposal

The meat on the fire to keep interest in the title high over the long term is there. Considering that it is still a minor title, we cannot but congratulate Capcom for the excellent support.