league of legendsWith a statement appeared on his own Official site, Riot has announced that League of Legends global chat will be disabled with the next patch. This is a decision in its own historical way, which took place over a decade after the release of the title.

For those who do not know, in fact, on the famous MOBA it is possible not only to chat with your team, but also with your opponents during matches. Needless to say, this has always contributed decisively to thehigh level of toxicity of the League of Legends community, historically renowned for not being one of the most welcoming.

"Global / chat can be a source of fun interaction between teams or pleasant chat" reads in the note “But at the moment the negative interactions outweigh the positive ones. In addition to using the surveys and direct feedback from you, we will evaluate the impact of this change by analyzing the rate of reports of verbal abuse and penalties ”.

No change for the team chat instead, although Riot admits it is also guilty of raising the toxicity levels of the game, it is considered a fundamental point of the gameplay of League of Legends matches and therefore essential for the correct functioning of the same.