The new one has just ended Animal Crossing Direct dedicated to the latest news for Animal Crossing: New Horizons like the new version 2.0 and the expansion pack Happy home Paradise. But let's start from the beginning ...

Among the various innovations included inside update 2.0 coming next November 5, 2021, we obviously find The Piccionaia di Bartolo, the chance to explore new islands along with Rowing, an expansion ofFiorillo Island, the possibility of cook many delicacies in the laboratory, new tracks by KK Slider and many new additions that will make your life on the island even more thrilling.

But the real bomb is the announcement of the first Happy Home Paradise paid expansion which, just like in the eponymous chapter for Nintendo 3DS, will bring you back inside the offices of Casimira Holidays.

As part of the Casimira Vacanze team, your task is to make dreams come true. Every customer has a clear vision of their ideal vacation rental, and it's up to you to make sure they don't get disappointed.

Choose an island, then design a home that meets the client's needs. Choose furniture that creates the right atmosphere, furnish the interiors and exteriors, change the season and time, and more. The more case you project, the more your services will be in demand!

Happy Home Paradise will be released together with the 2.0 update or the next one 5 November at the price of 24.99 €. However, it will be possible to access the DLC for free through the subscription Nintendo Switch Online + Add-on Package, available at the price of 40 euros for a single subscription e 70 euros for the subscription for the whole family.