As announced by Masahiro Sakurai during the last Super Smash Bros. Ultimate dedicated to Sora, the entire saga of Kingdom Hearts will come to Nintendo Switch through a cloud-based version of the game. The collection will include all the chapters released up to now except Melody of Memories, previously released on the console.

The choice made by Square Enix however, it has aroused several controversies from fans, disappointed by not being able to exploit the hybrid nature of the console to play the adventures of Sora and his companions in a portable format. In this regard, the producer of the series Ichiro Hazama spoke to the microphones of Nintendo Life, delving into some background behind the development of this new version of the games.

"Bringing these titles to the Nintendo Switch proved to be quite difficult for various reasons, including hardware memory limitations, but we are still thrilled to be able to bring it to the console for the first time using the cloud service."

It is not yet clear whether these limits refer to the memory capacities of Nintendo Switch or its cartridges (both 32GB), however Hazama himself reiterated that the development of a native version of some games related to the series could still be considered.

“At the moment, the production of a native version remains uncertain. We believe the cloud version is the best way to bring the Kindgom Hearts series to the Nintendo Switch, but we are always ready to hear feedback from our fans and we want to thank them for their support. "