The release of Steam deck is around the corner and Valve started its promotional campaign, listing the various features of the console coming out a December 2021, for those lucky few who managed to book it in time.

And speaking of Steam Deck features, in the last few hours Valve has released a new video dedicated to Deck Verified, a feature that will be integrated within the Steam store and which will help users to check (no pun intended) game compatibility not only with the console but also with Proton, the compatibility layer for SteamOS 3.0.

The games will be divided into these four categories:

  • verified: games 100% compatible with Steam Deck;
  • Playable: games compatible with Steam Deck, but which will need any secondary configurations by the user;
  • Not supported: games incompatible with the console or with Steam Proton;
  • Unknown: games not yet verified.

This rating system takes inspiration from what the community behind it has done in the past Protondb, an encyclopedic platform that deals with identifying and evaluating the compatibility of the various games that can be booted on Linux through Wine or precisely Proton.

In addition, the necessary requirements to make a game available on the platform have been disclosed:

  • Controller input methods must be supported 100%;
  • The game and its menus (in-game or launcher) must be supported by the operating system and controllers;
  • The game must support the Steam Deck screen resolution (1280 × 800) and must have text legible;
  • If run on Proton, the game and all of its secondary components (eg anti-cheat systems) must be supported by Proton.