In recent days Nvidia has released a new version of its service GeForce Now. Among the various improvements made to the gaming via streaming, Nvidia has finally started to support too Microsoft Edge, the new web browser from Microsoft based on Chromium.

Initially, the execution of the service via the browser was reserved for Google Chrome e Safari (as far as iPad and iPhone users are concerned), however this new addition to the list of supported programs could have major repercussions regarding the role of Xbox as a platform.

In fact, since last September, Xbox Series X | S consoles have received a substantial upgrade to theirs operating system, especially as regards the version of Microsoft Edge supplied and which allowed the execution of various web apps such as Discord, various online emulators e streaming services like Netflix and Google Stadia. That this new development and the eventual compatibility with Nvidia GeForce Now can make Xbox a real platform all-in-one, a mix between PC and Console?