Halo InfiniteIt is undoubtedly the day of Halo Infinite. Players have long been waiting for new images related to the single player campaign, in the hope that 343 Industries responded with significant improvements to the criticisms that preceded last year's postponement. Responses that have arrived and have been very positively received by the public.

The Youtube channel took care of analyzing the steps forward made by the team ElBit Analyst, which published a comprehensive comparison between the version presented in 2020 and the one shown today.

The most noticeable progress has been made from the point of view of lighting system, probably the worst sector of the last version of Halo Infinite and left almost to the limits of carelessness. As you can see in the video, the situation has dramatically improved and also enhances the finishing work done on the textures and animation of the characters. The surfaces of the materials also benefit: criticized for their exaggerated plasticky appearance in 2020, they now appear more “dirty” and realistic.

From the artistic point of view, the game remains substantially linked to the previous concept, that is the balance faithful to the style of the very first chapters of Halo. Even in this case, however, the improvements are not lacking and the improvement work carried out by 343 Industries can be seen both in the presentation of the enemies and in the depths of the game world: these, in turn, benefit enormously from a conspicuous increase in the draw distance which gives a completely different depth to the visible panorama.

Waiting for further news, all that remains is to wait'8 December, when Halo Infinite officially arrives on PC and Xbox.