In the past hours Sony published the latest financial report of the company, showing the results obtained by the same in the time period up to the second quarter of 2021 (in September).

Jim Ryan PlayStation Console

The first thing that stands out is the impressive number of PlayStation 5 sold, which settles at 13.4 million of units placed around the world since the hardware launch last year. More specifically only in the Q2 (from July to September 2021 inclusive) the new consoles sold have been 3.3 million, well one million more than in the previous quarter.

From the information it also appears as the gaming division Sony either the most profitable for the company, when compared to music and movies, as the former generated an impressive revenue of 5.68 billion dollars only in the aforementioned Q2. If you want to sift through Sony's full report, you can find it in full version at following link.