The development of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate just ended with the release of Sora and insiders are already asking themselves questions about the next chapter in the series. And they ask the Madman behind Nintendo's own fighting game, Masahiro Sakurai.

Masahiro Sakurai Super Smash Bros.During the last interview that the director of Sora Ltd. claimed to the microphones of Famitsu and kindly translated into English by VGC, Sakurai himself has called himself rather doubtful about the possibility of seeing a sequel to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which to date is the chapter with the largest roster ever, to the point of making Sakurai himself think that such an event may never happen again.

"I'm not thinking of a sequel, but I can't say that this will be the last Smash Bros. It should be assumed that by releasing a new Smash Bros. we would run the risk of disappointing users."

At the same time, Sakurai also doubts the actual success of the development of a new chapter in the series without his involvement.

“There is no way I can see a Smash Bros. production without me. To be honest, I'd like to leave this to someone. I actually tried, but it didn't work as expected. If it is decided to continue with the series, Nintendo and I would have to seriously discuss how to make it a success. "