It's time to take stock also at home Square Enix, which in the last few days has published the latest annual report to its investors. Within this report, the president Yosuke Matsuda spoke about the causes of the failure of some of his titles, in particular Marvel's Avengers.

As we know, Marvel's Avengers it wasn't a particularly successful title, decreeing a debut for Square Enix in the world of games GaaS (Game as a Service) rather unsuccessful, between performance problems and lack of content in the first months after the launch of the title of Crystal Dynamics.

“For us Marvel's Avengers was an ambitious title in its being a Game as a Service. We have overcome a variety of difficulties in the final phase of development, in addition to the transition to smart working due to the pandemic. We were able to overcome these challenges and release the game, but unfortunately it didn't turn out to be as successful as we expected.

Returning to the financial report, President Matsuda himself confessed to having made a mistake in entrusting development at the studio behind the latest trilogy of tomb raider, specifying how the company he will learn from his mistakes.

“Nonetheless, taking the GaaS model in hand has highlighted problems we will most likely face in the future such as the need to carefully choose a design philosophy that blends with the unique attributes and tastes of our studios and development teams. Although this new challenge faced during the development of this dim has produced a disappointing result, we are confident that GaaS will grow in importance as gaming becomes more and more service-based. How we will create these new experiences and how we will incorporate this trend into our game design will be a question we will answer in the future. "

Meanwhile, in the last few days Crystal Dynamics has removed the ability to buy special boosts for level up, a feature of nature pay-to-win which initially had never been taken into consideration by the software house and which since its implementation has done nothing but generate controversy and attract the ire of fans.