A little over a week has passed since the announcement and release of the Beta of the Multiplayer Mode of Halo Infinite, but apparently that was enough to inspire the community around Master Chief to produce (in a very short time) the very first mods on the new title of 343 Industries.

Halo Infinite Mod Modders 343 IndustriesOn the pages of Nexus Mods there are already several threads where users show off the fruit of their creativity. To give you some examples, there are mods capable of change the intro and music of the main menu, to materialize a Tank Hog on the battlefield and make the ship usable Pelican, opening the doors to the first air battles by Halo Infinite.

Now the ball passes to 343 Industries. In fact, if in the past the software house was very permissive towards the modders community (unlike Take-Two and Rockstar in recent years) encouraging them to create new scenarios for the Master Chief Collection, what will happen with Halo Infinite's online Free-to-Play modes? And with the single player campaign? The software house and Microsoft will have to start curb enthusiasm of its players?