Technologies deep learning di Nvidia they keep getting better, accomplishing wonderful and strange things. For example, a few weeks ago the company showed how AI can automatically match voice lines to 3D animated faces. In this case, however, we are talking about GauGAN. It is a program that was shown several years ago and was able to transform scribbles into photorealistic images with one click. But now it has been developed GuaGAN2, and it doesn't even need a basic sketch anymore to create gorgeous images.

The deep learning model can directly transform text into what appear to be surprisingly complex images. He was trained using 10 million landscape images. The example also shows how the image changes to fit the text being added.

If you want to play around with this technology a bit, you can try the interactive demos of Nvidia's AI. Or, if you have an Nvidia RTX GPU, you can download Nvidia Canvas for free and try to paint with the help of artificial intelligence.