NThe first weeks of life of N have been studded with many more problems than expected, which have created too many headaches for gamers and developers. The most recent problem that hit Amazon Games' MMORPG even forced the team to do a so-called rollback servers to bring the situation back to normal.

As communicated in a post appeared on the game's official forum, a hotfix to the game database would have created an unfortunate side effect: some users should have received one compensation for gold lost due to an in-game tax issue, but this proved to be totally off the charts, with some players literally inundated with in-game currency.

It goes without saying that, shortly afterwards, users then understandably went to spend the gold obtained at the auction house, irreparably compromising the server economy of New World. Therefore, the only possible choice for the development team was to restore the servers to the situation before the origin of the problem and apply the necessary solutions.

Ultimately not an easy start to the first real title released by Amazon Games (if we exclude the case Crucible), which has already faced several cases of object duplication and some serious bugs that negatively impacted the game experience.