Let's go back to talking about CD Projekt and their latest report financial. In addition to confirming the release for 2022 of the Next-Gen versions of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3, the market analyzes dedicated to GOG, the digital store previously specialized in the sale of DRM-Free Games, that is, without anti-piracy tools. I say previously because the same CDPR has confessed to having moved slightly away from his trademark, a choice that at the end of the fair cost the company a lot.

Add to this the controversy received regarding the version of Hitman Game of the Year Edition released for a few days on the store, and which contained within it a DRM type software and for the case of Devotion, title removed from the store on request of the Chinese community.

GOGWell, the CFO of the Polish company Piotr Nielubowicz already has several solutions in mind for this little one road accident.

“Speaking of GOG, its performance is challenging and we recently made changes to improve its financial situation. First of all, we have decided that GOG will focus more on its core business, which is to offer a narrow selection of games that follow the DRM-Free philosophy. In line with this approach, there will be changes in its structure. "

According to Nielubowicz, these changes will serve to revive the platform for the next fiscal year.