Super Smash Bros. Ultimate came out almost 3 years ago, exactly on December 7, 2018. Over the years, the fighting game developed by SORA Ltd., Bandai Namco e Nintendo managed to make his game designer's dream come true Masahiro Sakurai, securing the title of the largest videogame crossover, as well as several awards from audiences and critics. Yet, a few months after the release of Sora from Kingdom Hearts, this path is in the home straight.

“The update to version 13.0.1 is now available. Click here to view the fixes and changes. This is the latest update dedicated to managing game balance, with the exception of resolving stability issues. "

In general, this latest update concludes the development of the game mechanics, providing a roster of characters to their fullest potential. Obviously, this new update will not go to block the development of a possible competitive goal, but it is obvious that from today the hierarchies of the tier lists could undergo the last radical change.

If you are curious to know which characters have been revised and re-balanced, we refer you to changelog page published on EventHub.