We know that the Nintendo Switch Online obviously started off on the wrong foot, amid controversy over the price and actual performance of emulators. Yet despite this life goes on and Nintendo has begun announcing the first of the upcoming additions to its dedicated catalog Retro Gaming.

The first of these "" new "" titles is Paper Mario, Platform RPG developed by Intelligent System and released on Nintendo 64 way back in 2001. The game will be available next time December 10 2021 for all subscribers to the Nintendo Switch Online service + Additional Package.

“Mario may be in 2D, but this adventure is anything but subtle! Paper Mario seamlessly blends the heroic plumber's platformer with hilarious RPG mechanics, quirky characters and wacky challenges. Embark on an epic journey into the Mushroom Kingdom to free the star spirits imprisoned by a power-hungry Bowser. During the adventure you will fight enemies in challenging turn-based battles; you will collaborate with a varied choice of skilled companions, discover secret mini-games and even cook a cake! "